Are phones necessary in the classroom?

Are phones necessary in the classroom? Well I guess you would need to ask the person with the phone. The teachers say that students should be learning instead of using phones. The effect of phones in the class can be bad and good. For example “In the majority of schools — those that allow students to have phones in school but not use them in the classroom – the percentage was almost as high: 65%. Even in schools that ban cell phones entirely, the percentage was still a shocking 58%.” (, in this study the students were using their phones during class and was negative. Affecting their learning and eventually their test scores. There are not only negative effects however, as states “Cell phones nowadays are more like small computers. They have complete access to the internet, calculators, and many other things. This can provide a very large benefit when a student needs to research for an assignment.” If they are used in the right way they can be a helpful tool in the class room. However in the end it is up to the school and the teacher if kids should use their phones.