ASU Cronkite Field Trip

Angela Fesler

On October 18th, Roman’s journalism class along with some yearbook kids took a trip to ASU. The start of the trip was at ASU Cronkite, mass communication and journalism department. The students were given a tour around the building showing were the college students did their work. They were taken to the broadcasting room and got to see how things work in there. After that the tour continued showing them all the student work areas. Once the tour was complete the students met another tour guide that showed them around the rest of the ASU campus. Many students interests were peaked. The students got to see the lobby of the dorms and a few class rooms. Many business are open on the ASU campus. Once the second tour was concluded the students were allowed an hour to wander and get lunch. The campus stored many fast food places such as Chikfila and Five Guys. After that Students boarded the bus to return to Sierra Linda. I was lucky enough to be one of these students. After this trip, I decided to apply to ASU.