Football Game: Bulldogs vs. Bobcats

Dogs vs. Cats!!

Sarah Cheatham, BSU-NLS Vice-President, Journalist

Last Friday, the 19th of October, the Sierra Linda Bulldogs took their 8th lose versus the Central Bobcats. Shifting and swerving through the field, the Bulldogs took a few hits down with them just before the 2nd half ended. Meanwhile Jan, #19, a sophomore who plays Wide-Receiver and Cornerback, surprised the crowd by stealing some yards from the Cats. Along the sidelines, Principle Madrid cheered on the team and showed off his new shirt with pride, rainbow stripes laid across the front beneath big, bold letters saying “I’m An Ally”. By the end of the first quarter the bulldogs were down by 24-0, but that didn’t diminish their hope. From hard tackles to impressive defensive tackles by Ymarius Joshlin, #7 and Oscar Balderrama, #65, the Bulldogs left the field exhausted, but proud of holding their own in the end. Based on the side of the field the Athletic Trainer’s enjoyed their pre-game time chatting away and taking photos, but once that first second on the clock struck it became full-work mode. Providing water and aid to football players can take a lot out of you, but not them. Despite injuries on the field and hydration-crazy guys they still walked away from field like bosses. Even though we lost this one, and every other one before, we still prove that we can, AND WILL, bite back. Just because the scoreboard says we didn’t win, we still took that
“W” home.