Lost (EP) – Brent Faiyaz

Lost (EP) - Brent Faiyaz

Anjolia Swaba, Digital Journalist

Brent Faiyaz is finally back with a new EP. He released it on October 19, 2018. It took him almost a year since his last Album, Sonder Son, that he released last year on October 13th. In this album, he was trying to convey real life. The first song, “Why’z it So Hard”, is about him being targeted due to his race and feeling uneasy about it. The second song, “Came Right Back”, is about trying to make it through the up and downs of life and balancing a music career at the same time. The third song, “Around Me’, is about self-reliance and standing on your own two feet. The fourth song, “Trust Me”, is his vent about the way people treat him due to his fame and how he has to stay very private. The fourth song, “Poundz”, is about addiction and poor choices. The fifth song, “Target on my Chest”, is about loyalty and all about not losing yourself. The album was very good and I enjoyed it a lot. I would highly recommend you listen if you haven’t already.