JAG Initiation and Induction ceremony


Angelica Abeytia

On Wednesday November 7th 2018, Select Juniors and Seniors have been inducted into JAG, Jobs for Arizona Graduates. These students have been taking the JAG class this semester every school day. In this class the students are exposed to the real world and what is offered to make things easier in life. This class is very important to many to be able to continue living a decent life after high school. A few things that are available to the members are guest speakers to further their knowledge of collages or career options after high school. During the ceremony the members had Dr Lily Deblieux, the superintendent for Pendergast Elementary School District speak, she had explained the obstacles of life of many famous people, Further portraying a message to the JAG students, there will always be obstacles in life, you’re in control as to what you do with them. After the ceremony the members and their families were welcome to join the teachers and staff for dinner and further ask questions one on one.