A Sun Rises Over Our Senior Class of 2019

Johnuthun Garcia

On November 2nd, 2018 the senior class of 2019 started something extraordinary which will hopefully continue to be an annual tradition for many years after us. The Senior Sunrise as it was called was an event early in the morning (at 6 am)  and it was for all the seniors to come relax, party, eat, sleep, or even just have fun in any way they could. The event lasted only an hour and 30 minutes but it was for the senior to watch the sun rise, in my opinion it symbolized the rise of the end as we a whole class grew up next to one another from our freshmen year to now our senior year even if we all didn’t know each other directly or if we did know each other we all grew up next to one another, we are all like a family and this sunrise shines the light on the end that is upcoming and soon we will all be adults and going on to bigger things. This sunrise brought a lot of us together as a whole class and I hope the whole entire class will be able to make it to the Senior Sunset as we all watch the end of our senior year.