The End Game Is Upon Us

Johnuthun Garcia

Today is December 7th, 2018 and today we were given the first official Avengers 4 trailer which included some story details and a movie name finally!! The trailer was speculated the last couple of weeks to be coming out and each speculation failed us but the marvel executives heard the cries and gave us all what we’ve wanted, our first look at our hurt heroes after the now called “Decimation event” that occurred in Infinity war that wiped out half of all life in the universe. The trailer starts off with our almost alone Iron-Man floating through space on a ship with Nebula as the two were the only ones to have survived the decimation on the planet titan, assuming they ran out of fuel and on the brink of life and death we wont know what will happen to these two till the next trailer or till the movie comes out. The next scene shows our earth heroes looking defeated and longing for their friends who have fallen victim and those all across the earth who were lost. Then the trailer ends with our old friend Ant-Man who somehow got out of the quantum realm and is greeting earths mightiest heroes. We finally have now the name of our movie as well Avengers: ENDGAME and all of us cant be more excited about it to come out April 26, 2019.