My Experience at GSA

Angela Fesler


On Tuesday January 8th, 2019, I went to an afterschool club. That club is GSA, which is an accepting club and is open to everyone. I walked in and was welcomed by everyone. It was refreshing because I was so surprised to see a club like this one. I’ve never been accepted and this was a new experience. I sat down in the back to avoid attention. I saw a friend from a class I have and they came over to me. They introduced me to their friends in the club. We all made small talk until the meeting was brought to order. The meeting was about upcoming events like the future freshman night. I met some really amazing people in that club. GSA has a lot of kind members. I have had a good impression of everyone in the club. I will be going to every meeting I can. I invite others to do the same. It’s an outstanding club and is welcoming. Only condition is that, no judgement or bulling of any kind is allowed. The club is for everyone and is for acceptance. Hating on others is not allowed. The club is great for making friends. The meetings start right after school on Tuesdays and end at 4.