Chest binders : Too expensive or just right?

Angela Fesler


There is a struggling community in need. That community is the trans and non-binary community. Ftm trans and other asfab people sometimes need binders to feel comfortable with themselves. The binders help compress their chests to make their chest appear more flat. Having a binder or wanting one is common among this community. However there are many in this community that can’t afford to purchase one. To get a safe binder and bind safely is pricey. A low price on a half binder is $33. Most people can’t afford that. People who are in tight financial situations don’t have the ability to get them. In some cases family members refuse to buy allow them to buy them. Binders should be more accessible. Yes, profit is needed but prices can be lowered. Donation programs should be better advertised. Stores should sell binder so they may be tried on before purchase. The binding community needs more resources. Advertisement of these products as well as where to get them would help the community. So, are binders just right or too high priced?