‘World Record Egg’ Cracked


Anjolia Swaba, Digital Journalist

On Friday, the account behind the World Famous Egg teased that it would be be revealing something big on Hulu right after the Super Bowl. This egg broke the record for having the most liked Instagram post of all time. There was a lot of hype built around who created this egg and about the brands willing to pay to crack out of it. Then, during the Super Bowl, a 30-second spot debuted on the streaming platform, and the egg cracked. The reveal wasn’t to promote a company or brand, but instead served as a mental health PSA. The clip shows the egg’s shell crack, due to all the social media “pressure,” and suggests that if you’re feeling similarly that you should talk to someone. It ultimately directs viewers to the site TalkingEgg.info, which hosts a list of mental health organizations and resources in countries across the world.