Artists: Oh no! my art style!

Angela Fesler

Over recent years, art had adapted and changed. The way drawings are created is new. Everyone has a unique way to paint or draw. However, more artists are developing their styles from others techniques. They use those newly learned techniques to create something of their own. This isn’t the issue. The issues is that copying is being accused more. If an artist finds something even remotely similar to how they draw, they cry “Copycat”. This is a constant struggle for upcoming artists. Art styles may be similar at times, yet it is still their own piece of art. Artists should be allowed to use an technique they wish without being shunned forĀ  it. Now, if they took another artists original and redrew it claiming it as their own that is copying and plagiarism. art and art styles should be freely used as long as no stealing of credit takes place. Art is a way to express individuality and emotion. That should never be taken from someone. Let artists be them. Worry about your own art unless they are taking credit for your work. That is the only time an artist should be concerned about copying.