This Detective Isn’t Your Average Sherlock

Johnuthun Garcia

Soon our world and the world of Pokémon will soon get a little bit closer. This summer Warner Bros. And our old friend the Pokemon Company have decided they will be working together on a big project, a movie called Detective Pikachu. This movie is vaguely based on the game with the same name and both have similar concepts which in the game you meet a talking Pikachu only you can understand and the two of you solve mysteries all around Ryme City, like the game the movies synopsis is that the main character meets a Pikachu and only he can understand him and the two of them work together to uncover what has happened to the main characters father. Actor Ryan Reynolds play the adorable and caffeine addicted Pikachu and Justice Smith plays the main human character Tim Goodman. Detective will try to please fans of the Pokémon series and try to please all the movie goers who haven’t touched a Pokémon game in their lives. This live action movie of the fan favorite Pokémon world lands in theaters this year on May 10, 2019. Don’t miss out on this years newest and cutest movie adventure this summer!

                                           A link to the trailer is below