A New Story Is About To Unfold

Johnuthun Garcia

On Wednesday February, 27, 2019 The Pokemon Company and Game Freak Studios  announced that a new main series Pokemon game will be coming out later this year. The Pokemon game series has just hit its 23rd birthday on this past Wednesday as well! Over the past 23 years Game Freak has graced the homes of many Nintendo fans with their games and it seems they wont be slowing down, this year will be the 8th generation Pokemon games Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword. The games will take place in the newest region which some speculate to be a version of England and it will be called the Galar region and it looks amazing. The games newest region starter Pokemon are just as amazing and stunning; the first to be revealed was Scorbunny the fire type of the trio a fire rabbit as it is described, Sobble the water type of the trio a water gecko is it is described, and finally the grass type of the trio is called Grookey and is said to be a grass chimp. As the past couple of main series Pokemon games have been doing this games starters all follow a theme and that is athletics, each of these three all have some sort of athletic feature to them and will fit well with the sporty feeling of this England inspired Pokemon game. The wait is not long over these games wont come out till the end of the year but until then we will get more info and until next time happy hunting trainers!!!!