Leaks for Switch Games to Come

As always take leaks rumors with a pinch of salt because they may not be true. However these leaks seem to be very likely to happen, the leaks were leaked by BestBuy of all places. At first they reportedly leaked Joker from Persona 5’s render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on their website, if this was intentional or not is unknown but most sources agree that it was not meant to be released. Then also on their website they have listings for multiple games coming in the future for the Nintendo Switch.               Some of these are big titles like the supposedly finished game waiting to be announced Metroid Prime Trilogy and Persona 5 which has been rumored to come to the system for months. The other being The Legend Of Zelda; A Link To The Past, which is strange since it has been out for decades and it does not seem to be a remastered version since we are getting Links Awakening later this year. We will just have to wait and see what is announced or not at a later date.