Notre Dame Burning


Angelica Abeytia

April 15, 2019 the notre dame cathedral went ablaze. The construction for the French gothic architecture started in 1163, the cathedral stood 226 feet tall. As of right now, 1:26 PM Arizona time, the iconic tower has fallen and the bell is close to caving in. If the bell inside the cathedral falls, it will cause collateral damage. As the cathedral burned, french president Emmanuel Macron spoke, stating “We have so much to reconstruct. So yes, we will rebuild the Cathedral of Notre Dame more beautifully. And I would like it to be achieved in five years from now. We can do it. And we will mobilize.” As translated by NBC news. According to recent news many fundraisers have been put into place and have raised roughly 1 Billion dollars and counting. As this sounds amazing to those who support the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral, many are against this and angered by this. The fire has since been out and reconstruction has begun. Many are still donating to the “Friends of Notre-Dame Foundation”. If you would like to donate you can go to .