Real Talk: Depression

Dear society,

There are many topics that people would rather not speak about. One of these topics is depression. Depression is a mental illness. It doesn’t just simply go away. No amount of happy moments in someone’s life can make it go away. It is a real struggle to live with depression. It is much more than just sadness. Some people with depression aren’t even sad. Emptiness and guilt are big in depression suffers. Anxiety and hopelessness as well. Depression isn’t just being sad. It is so complex and hard to understand. Lack of interest in things once loved happens so often. Motivation decreases to drastic lows. Concentration is hard to keep. Depression should be more accepted since it is out of its suffers control. Antidepressants don’t always help and can in fact make it worse. Everyone with depression experiences it differently. No two cases are the same. Understanding and support is what people suffering depression really need. They don’t need lectures or lessons on why they shouldn’t be depressed. They don’t want to be so down.


A judged depression victim