BDE Auditions

Up for the challenge?

Sarah Cheatham, BSU-NLS Vice-President, Journalist

During the week of the 6th, Dance is holding auditions for dance students at Sierra Linda. It’s assumed that both Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Stralo will run the auditions with visiting choreographers. On Monday the 29th, there will be brief meetings during both A and B lunch- bring your lunch to the dance studio. There you will receive a packet explaining what is to be expected and what the schedule is. The following week, auditions will be held after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You must attend all days!!! You will learn 3 different styles of dance and must remember them all because on the last day of auditions you will be expected to perform all three. The Jazz routine will be held Monday, Hip-hop on Tuesday, and Modern dance/Contemporary on Wednesday. You will need Jazz shoes for Jazz, sneakers for Hip-hop, lyrical (or barefoot) for Contemporary, and all black dance clothing for all 4 days. Bring all shoes with you on Thursday to perform in. For more information follow the Sierra Linda’s dance Instagram- @Sierralindadance. Get a full nights rest and mentally/physically prepare yourself the day before auditions. Eat a good amount and stay hydrated during the week. See you there Bulldogs!!!!