Trolls, Witches, And Love?

Book review about an interesting fantasy book.

Picture curtesy of

Picture curtesy of

Samantha Martinez, Reporter

Stolen Songbird, written by Danielle Jensen was published on April 1st 2014. Goodreads a well respected book review website, rates this 4.02 out of 5.0.

This fantasy book is set five centuries after a witch trapped all the trolls under a mountain. Cecile de Troyes a singer is kidnapped the night before she is supposed to move. She is taken under the mountain, where she finds out that it was foretold that when a prince of night is bonded to the daughter of the sun the curse will be broken. Meaning she’s the trolls only hope of getting out of the mountain. She is bonded with the troll prince Tristan. This bond make her very valuable to some and a target to others.

The only thing Cecile thinks about at first is getting away from her kidnappers. Not all the trolls are what they seem. Trolls aren’t actually ugly, or dumb they can be beautiful and they’re very clever. These trolls can’t lie but they can also be deceitful. After a while she has started to befriend some of the trolls. Then she discovers that there is a rebellion emergent, some of the trolls don’t want the royals to be free. Some trolls that are close to the throne are leading the rebellion. Cecile joins the rebellion with the help of some castle servants and the help of her friends. At the same time she is growing closer and closer to prince Tristan.

This is an amazing book, and very consuming. It sucks you in and you’ll have a bittersweet feeling when you’ve finished the book. If you do decide to read it I think you’ll be happy with it, just like I was. This book could have gone in the opposite direction, but it didn’t. This book isn’t like other fantasy books where the two main characters instantly fall in love. Through out the book the point of view changes many times between the two main characters, this too could have gone badly but it didn’t, it lets you explore both sides of the story without going overboard on useless information.

This is the first book in The Malediction Trilogy series. The second book Hidden Huntress was released earlier this year in March. Book three Warrior Witch is set to release in May 2016, you can preorder it on