All Aboard!

The Polar Express comes to Sierra Linda.


Samantha Martinez, Staff Writer

On December 8th Sierra Linda’s FCCLA hosted It’s 2nd annual Polar Express night in the cafeteria from 6:30 to 8:30. Families dressed in pajamas, decorated ornaments and stockings and listened to a reading of the book The Polar Express. People also settled in with hot chocolate to a playing of  The Polar Express. Children decorated ornaments and played with snow.

What went into the planning this event?


Ms. Brady FCCLA early childhood advisor“it took a couple months worth of work. Trying to figure out what activities we were gonna do, getting the supplies for the activities, when we were gonna do these things, creating the decorations like the fireplace, the  ticket box, and the tree.”


Why are you putting this event on?

IMG_1511 (2)

President of FCCLA Early Childhood Deycy Lozano “This event is to bring families and the community together.

Was it a success in your opinion?”

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VP 0f FCCLA Early Childhood Syndy Lozano– “Yes, a lot more people came out than last year.”

What was your favorite part about the event?

Polar Express Photo







Summer Ornelas -“My favorite part of the event was when they gave out cookies and hot chocolate.”



Children listening to a reading of the Polar Express



Families and friends watching Polar Express