Best Memes of 2017

Top 5 so far..

Alana Van Dorn, Digital Journalist

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Memes! The word meme is shortened for “modeled on gene”, But who doesn’t love ’em? In 2016, memes had such a strong run they became bigger than ever! This year? Already we have more than a dozen heavy hitters, and home runs! But do you know our top 5 memes that are going viral RIGHT NOW? In the following column below are the top 5 memes of 2017:

5. Trumps first order of business.

4. Meryl Streep Singing

3. This is the future Liberals wants.

2. Blinking Guy

1. Roll Safe

I then asked the following freshman’s their opinion on memes:

“When you hear the word “Meme” what do you think of”?

I think of laughter and goofiness” Gabriel Camocho.

“Why do you use Meme’s”?

“Because it makes other people laugh” Mariana Marin.

“Could you go one day without using a Meme”? “Why”?

“Yeah, I think I could go without them because I’m not a big fan of Memes” Jerry Munoz.



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