Hunter x Hunter (2011 version)

1999 Rebooted series


Mayloni Hall, Digital Journalist '

Hiroshi Kojina has created a rebooted version of the 1999 Hunter X Hunter anime series. The new series is a whole new take on the story line as well as the art style.  The series consists of a young boy by the name of Gon who is on a mission to find his father and ask him why he decided to become a hunter instead of raise his own sin. While becoming a hunter he made friends with three other boys whom help him along the way of finding his father. The series is in a more kid friendly animation, though the story line not always so kid friendly. The story has a lot of death, but is also very positive. The optimistic spirit of the 12 year old Gon balances out the strict and pessimistic personality of Killua, one of the three friends he made. The show focuses on the relationship between all of the friends and their problems one by one. The show has great character development and tends to stay on track, unlike the precious 1999 version, which contained a lot of filler episodes. It has characters with all different personalities and makes it easy for the audience to relate to at least one character and you rooting for that character to be happy in the end. It’s an enjoyable experience and I would definitely recommend this show to any anime fan, though the series consists of 154 episodes, it is a fun and lasting experience. The best thing about there being so many episodes is you can re-watch the series and you will never get board. The series is a very good story, and one of the best animes I have watched yet.