Should hats be allowed in school?

and what the students had to say about it

Hats are currently not to be worn during school hours on campus. Several teens partake in wearing hats, beanies, or other head accessories when not in school because it adds to their sense of style and can cover their bedhead. It seems to be a distraction to students and can represent gang or drug affiliation but why can’t the dress code be added against hats as well?

Some say it is a sign of ┬ádisrespect wearing a hat indoors but that can be a choice for their own. Most students wouldn’t find it disrespectful anyway because there is no intent of insult or offense. So, what should it be? Here’s what the students have to say about whether hats should be allowed.

Do you think hats should be allowed in school?

Jessica Rodriguez, ’18

“Yes, because they aren’t doing anything. People should be able to express themselves; hats ain’t killin’ anybody.”


Ana Sanchez ’17

“Yes they should because they look cute on people and people use them as a sense of style.”


Jennifer Manzano ’18

“Yes, hats are just an accessory for an outfit. What can you possibly hide under there other than bad hair do? Schools should give the students freedom to wear it or not during school hours. The least they can do is take it off during class if you sit in front.”


All of the students asked, agreed with hats being worn during school hours. So from the students, we hope it will be changed in the future sometime.