The Return of Crybaby

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Melany Lara

Melanie Martinez had a very successful year last year as she was packed with touring and releasing music videos for her different sound of music which mixes childlike terms with adult themes. Since the release of Crybaby in mid-2015 and the release of her single Gingerbread Man in late December of 2015 nothing else has been released. Yet, Melanie has talked little about her albums but has dropped clues about her second studio album such as what it will be based around and surrounding themes. Although she has not released the name of her next album, Melanie has said it will be based around Crybaby’s town and will take place around a specific part of Crybaby’s town. For background, Crybaby is a character Melanie has created based on her childhood name she received due to being very sensitive as a child. Crybaby is a sort of alter ego to Melanie that is the main character of all her songs in the Crybaby album. The album deals with topics such as love, infidelity, and self-acceptance just to name a few. Now, Crybaby will return with a new overlying theme. Melanie is the type of artist who writes her albums almost like a storybook, which if you buy her album it comes with a physical storybook of the album, and puts her music in an order that makes a concrete story flow. Melanie, however, for this album will not make a music video for every song (not including deluxe songs) but will make a movie of the album as an entirety. Melanie also has stated in a current interview with Billboard that she will also add theatric to her live shows with choreography. The album is set to be released at the end of this year or the beginning of next year and will be available wherever records are sold and will be available digitally for purchase or streaming. As of now, we wait to hear any big details of the album and wait for the much awaited Mad Hatter video which will include CGI, something she hasn’t added in her videos before.