The End of Teen Wolf


photo by MTV

Natalie Hernandez, Digital Journalist

MTV’s latest hit series Teen Wolf is ending and fans are unhappy because of this. Teen Wolf is on their sixth season and they just need seven more episodes till the season is finished forever. The show creator Jeff Davis was at the San Diego Comic-Con and he said that Teen Wolf would be ending their run on MTV after the show reaches its 100 episode. During the conversation in San Diego, Jeff Davis also said that they were looking forward to giving fans “one last, thrilling adventure.” The cast of Teen Wolf are very devastated that the show will no long be airing on MTV. Towards the end of the last episode the show will be more exciting and adventurous. More than 2 million people watch Teen Wolf and now they are going to lose their favorite TV show and fans are going to be very sad and depressed that it is over. This show is based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox film with the same name, the film focuses more on werewolf, romance, and horror, and led to being a solid hit for MTV. Teen Wolf has been on MTV since June 2011, fans would like to see the cast have a reunion and be in other shows or movies. Teen Wolf is one of the shows that fans will never forget and we will always love.