Terrorists in Charolettesville

Terrorists in Charolettesville

Daniela Martinez

A horrendous event recently took place in Charolettesville, Virginia, it was a rally of white nationalists and supremacists. This day was full of rage, hate, violence and death. It lasted two days, Friday August, 11, 2017- Saturday August 12, 2017. It was everything but a peaceful and loving rally, all of the white supremacists chanted many hateful things such as, “White live matter!” “Jews will not replace us!” “You will not replace us!” “Black lives don’t matter!” and many more disgusting comments. It was of course nothing but white males but as they were marching they weren’t even ashamed enough to cover their faces, most of them wore the same type of clothing, such as khakis and a plain T-shirt. But the

thing that was different for white people to have are all the tiki torches they held while marching, what an interesting way to defend white supremacy, using Polynesian culture. Other than that, they held up confederate flags and


proudly showed that they were Nazis and part of the kkk. In Germany it’s illegal to do the Nazi salute, but here in the US you can be an openly Nazi, salute all you want and still be protected by the police because this

 “isn’t” a terrorist group. How is that they’re not labeled as a terrorist group, they are full of hate, racism, violence, they want to get rid of everyone but themselves

because they were here “first” and they’re “superior” from everyone else. But if they were Muslims, this would be whole different title. But because they’re white, they get a racist pass. In the Black Lives Matter march, no one died and there was many police involved being violent to the people in this march. But in this rally, there was no story involved of police officers being violent, someone drove their car in the middle of the rally valley, injuring people and killing someone and another two people died, where’s the problem here? Trump took a few days to make a statement about this rally because he wanted to be “sure” about what

he was going to put out there but on other occasions he would respond


 to it right away, he ended up blaming both side for the violence. He defended the whites who attended the rally, saying, “Not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch.” He also added that the people who were there to try and stop this rally were “very, very violent”. There are two sides to this situation, make sure you’re on the right one with the right reasons.






Photos by: http://www.nbcnews.com/video/navy-orders-operational-pause-after-uss-john-s-mccain-collides-with-tanker-1029334595838