Disgraceful Movie Sequels

"I doubt Chris Fisher's commitment to sparkle motion."

Photo from: Wikipedia

Photo from: Wikipedia

Caleb Johnson

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Unnecessary movie sequels are a common thing in the world of cinema. Unfortunately, these sequels can damage the reputation and image of the first film. The greatest example of this is the Donnie Darko sequel. Donnie Darko is a masterpiece of a movie meant to be a stand alone film left up for interpretation. S.Darko (the title of the sequel) did not benefit the first film in any way, neither did it fulfill the unanswered questions or the storyline. Reviews on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes will state that the film is nothing more then a “Teen” film with cheesy special effects, a bad script, and a bad plot. At the very least you don’t have to watch this sequel or any movie for that matter if you don’t want to.


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