Glow in the Dark Thoughts


Photo by Melany Lara

Melany Lara

In case you missed it this past week, August 18, 2017, Sierra Linda held their first school dance of the year. The dance, which was held in our school’s cafeteria, lit up the night with the classic “Glow in the Dark” theme filled with bright neon colors and glow sticks everywhere. As you entered the cafeteria you are greeted by a big balloon archway and cut out shapes in bright colors. Upon entering, glowing balloons fill the room and music hits you from every direction. Being the first dance of the school year, not many show up yet it is enough to have a fun time with friends. Things were switched up with the Dj playing the hockey pokey on blast and mixing in some old classics in there. Not only were students on the dancefloor, but teachers got in on the fun as well. Dances are something fun to go to just to have a good time and enjoy time with friends. Also, Happy birthday Susan!!!!!