The VMA’s


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Melany Lara, Digital Journalist

Every year MTV host their annual Video Music Awards (VMA’s) on August 27, 2017 at The Forum and recognizes outstanding talent in music today. This year the phenomenal Katy Perry was the host for the night and made her grand entrance in a holographic space suit coming down from the ceiling almost the way Lady Gaga did at the Super bowl. Yet, this vma’s were a little different this year. I expected a lot from the show this year as one of my favorite artist got to host but I realized I did not now many of the artist this year. Also, the shade. The amount of shade thrown throughout the whole show was unbelievable. Fifth Harmony, which is more like fourth harmony now, did a set where five girls appeared in stage. Then when the set started the fifth girl was blown off the stage as the other four began to sing. This was making reference to their former member Camilla Cabello who left to pursue a solo career

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Also, the jokes and script. I had a lot of hope for Katy Perry to blow the show out of the water but the script was awkward and no one was really laughing at any of the jokes made. Also, like the entire show, some shade was thrown at Justin Bieber, the elections and you guessed it, fidget spinners. Her entrance was phenomenal but everything after was interesting. Although her performance of Swish Swish was highly anticipated.

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The highlight of the show, in my opinion, was Logic’s and Pink’s performance as Pink won the Michael Jackson video vanguard award and had a beautiful speech to coincide with it. Logic’s performance was overall beautiful. During his set her brought up suicide attempt survivors on stage with him with the suicide prevention hotline in the back, which is also the name of the song. Overall the Vma’s were not that great but it did have it’s memorable moment, hopefully next year they learn from this year and make the next on even better.

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