Crisis In China

Alexander Camarena

The Ball family is known for their fame on social media or their talent at playing basketball. The three particular sons, Lonzo being the oldest recently drafted to the LA Lakers . Lamelo being the youngest known for his 92 point game playing for Chino Hills High School. Now we have LiAngelo who was recently blown up on social media for an incident that happened in china. The 6’5″ guard recently graduated from Chino Hills High School to play for UCLA. two weeks after playing, Dad Lavar Ball decided to take the family on a trip to China for business purposes. LiAngelo Ball, one of three UCLA basketball players arrested in Hangzhou, China for shoplifting last month was suspended indefinitely by the Bruins as a result of the incident. Though the length of the suspension has not yet been reported. At a press conference following their return, they thanked Trump for his part in freeing them after the President asked them for kudos via his Twitter account.