Bron Bron On his New Shoes

Alexander Camarena

LeBron James is an iconic basketball player known for his amazing basketball skills. LeBron has been in the NBA since 2003 being able to play with legends like Michael Jordan. The signature shoe industry has been big over basketball for many years . When MJ released the announcement that he has started his own brand , it shocked the world. No one would of thought that a single player could start his own brand. A few years after LeBron had been going off in games, they released his first shoe called “The LeBron Air Zoom”. A month ago from today , LeBron released his 14th shoe called the LeBron 15, Going out of stock in just 10 minutes. He thinks he’s gonna be the face of the NIKE franchise.,q_auto/v1/s8jlmiiwojbbkm6qqxnb