Angela Barrera’s Q&A

Photo by Angela Barrera

Photo by Angela Barrera

Samantha Martinez, Digital Journalist

What’s your biggest pet peeve? When people have a lot of folders or have apps all over the place on their phone.

Who’s your favorite artist at the moment? K.A.R.D and BTS they are both K-pop groups.

What is your favorite show at the moment? Money Heist

What is your favorite snack? Hot Cheetos an Takis

What is your favorite video game and why? Tekken 7, because it has an awesome story plot and is a cool fighting game.

What movie are you looking forward to? Incredibles 2

Are you a morning person or night person? Morning person

What is your zodiac sign? Libra

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Extrovert

What is your worse subject? Biology

What are you looking forward to in high school? Passing all my classes.

Who is your favorite celebrity and why? The Turkish actor Deniz Baysal because in the show she acts in called “Lady Fazilet and Her Daughters” she does in amazing job in playing her character.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Practicing k-pop dances.

Who is your favorite youtuber? Aphmau because she has amazing content.

What is one thing you can and can’t live without? I can live without country music, but I can’t live without social interaction.