Aumonique Jaramillo

Who Is Aumonique King?

Born in 2001 on March 9th in Mesa, Arizona, Aumonique is seventeen years old and the only child. Growing up he was not close to his father and developed a close relationship with his mother later on in life. His definition of happiness is keeping up with mental health to help live positively. The funniest memory Aumonique had was when he was spending time with his friends Angel and Kevin playing guitar hero, he looked up at the tv then angel, which he was sticking out his tongue, and angel was making a weird noise. He could not stop laughing for 30 minutes straight. Ammonique displays his personality as very knowledgeable and outgoing. One of the biggest inspirations to his life Donald Glover and his hopes to follow his footsteps as a creative.

Fun Facts

  • Pisces
  •  Favorite game Dead Space
  • Has 2 dogs