Jessica Luna, Jounalist

1.)Q:What’s your favorite hobby ?

A: Driving.

2.)Q:How would you describe yourself ?


3.)Q:What type of music do you like ?


4.)Q:Who do you look up the most in your life.

A: Myself because if I look up to somebody else then I’ll be a follower.

5.)Q: What college do you plan on going?

A: Michigan State University

6.) Q: What is your favorite movie ?

A: Four Brothers

7.) Q: What do you plan on working in your adult life ?

A: Mechanical Engineering

8.) Q: How would you describe your friends ?

A: Fun, interesting, and odd

9.) Q: What is your favorite color and why ?

A: Neon green because it’s the brightest color.

10.) Q: How would you feel if you were now on your own ?

A: I’ve always been on my own and always will.