Planning for the Future

Angela Fesler

On Tuesday the Fourth of September, 2018, three members of the United States Army paid a visit to Stout’s third hour class. They were from recruitment and wanted to talk to the seniors about their plans after high school. The soldiers went around the room asking each student what college they planned to go to and in what field of study. Afterwards, the soldiers gave the students background on themselves. The conversation soon turned to why they chose to join the Army. They informed students about the benefits given by the Army. Some benefits of being in the Army are it helps pay for college, pays you while you are in college, you get full health benefits and more.Students responded by asking questions about what jobs are offered in the Army. Pop-sockets and pens were passed out to the students. A survey was then given to complete and the soldiers closed their presentation. Students then were left to consider their future. Have you put any thought into your future? If not the Army is always recruiting.