Football and stuff

Melany Lara, Digital Journalist

I’m not much of a person who goes to football games religiously but its always a trip going to see a classic high school football game, especially varsity games. When you walk into the noisy field filled with the sound of instruments from the marching band and the chatter of spectators anxiously waiting to see who comes out with the victory. For my friend’s and I, we always go to a friend’s house and watch a movie or play video games while we chow down something creamy and delicious. Then when the clock strikes 7 we all get into what we call a “clown car” and manage to fit eight kids and a driverĀ into a car for five. By the time we get there the field is mostly filled and the game has already started. As much as I like to spectate, I like being on the field watching the game as I bring water to football players who are sweating buckets or snap pictures of the action.

Even though most football games all go the same it’s still a fun thing to be a part of and enjoy times with friends. My favorite part of the whole thing is probably halftime and getting to see what Cheer and the marching band have been up to. They never fail to impress tops off the feeling of the classic high school experience. Marching band came out with very Hawaiian attire as the theme was luau and gave a phenomenal performance.

Now skipping to three days later, our first blood drive was held of the year on September 11th.

Now, although this is unnecessary I would like to a series of pictures where Eleazar got into my shots.



It’s only going to get better from here as Once Upon A Homecoming is next week where everything shall get very exciting from there.