School ID’s

Ronny Mend

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ID’s have been a hassle for both teachers and students in schools throughout the country. Some will argue that ID’s are very helpful in school, they allow us to easily identify a student and help stay organized in activities or daily school situations. Teacher’s are now being encouraged to make sure students have their ID’s on at all times so that they are visible and easy to be identified for the necessary circumstances. Students can argue that having id’s on at all times can be annoying and that it shouldn’t need to forced on them. Both arguments are respectively correct when a student does not have his or her id on their person that student is sometimes forced to pay for an ID for that day. Teachers might agree that it adds more responsibility and that students should be pushed to be more responsible. ID’s can be frustrating to some or they can help make life easier and they definitely aren’t going away anytime soon.

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School ID’s