My Own Summer

Deftones blow away Rise Against
One of the fears I had before the going to this concert was that it was going to be really hot and uncomfortable since at the time we were in the middle of July heat in Arizona. It wasn’t until actually around 6:45 that Rise Against came out, my expectations for them weren’t high because they are becoming an old band, and I was just hoping that they would play four or five songs from their old albums. Eventually they did come around to playing their older and more popular songs but the connection and the vibe with the crowd was lost when Rise against tried to play some of their newer stuff (which sounded really watered down), or when their lead singer would stop in between songs and try to give a heartfelt talk about how music was more important than family and that everybody needs to come together with all these political events going around in the country. I get what Tim McEllrath was kind of trying to say but his timing was what ruined it and it ended up sounding really cheesy. Not too much after his big speech they ended their concert by playing probably their most popular song “Savior” which didn’t sound all that great because Tim had already lost his voice. I wouldn’t say Rise Against was necessarily bad that night, but none the less they seemed a little off and it was a little disappointing.
My uncle and I talked about how we both thought that Rise Against was a little off and that as long as Deftones played one or two of the songs that we liked then we would be happy. And as to our surprise while we were waiting I said it would be really cool if they played their song “faraway” and just moments later they came out and that was the first song they played and it was the best thing ever. Every single thing about the Deftones performance was amazing, they kept the energy with the crowd the whole entire time and even the light show they have on stage was ten times better the what Rise Against had set up. The Deftones played every single song I wanted to hear except “Hole in the Earth” but I was ok with that. The best song they played live was probably “Change” but my favorite one they performed was “Digital Bath”. For a band actually being older than one like Rise Against, I was astounded with how good the lead singer sounded. Then not only had that but really just the entire production and all-around performance blown me away.