Senior Trip 2017

Information on the 2017 Senior Trip

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Samantha Martinez, Digital Journalist

On Thursday, August 24th an informational meeting was held in room 7074. The meeting started at 3:10, Gilbert went over when the down payment will be due, which is August 31st or ASAP. The trip will be 4 days and 3 nights at Double Tree Hotel in Anaheim, CA. The trip will include 1 ticket to Disneyland, 1 ticket to Universal Studios, 1 ticket to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Huntington Beach. Breakfast will be provided by the hotel but all other meals the attendees are responsible for. The cost for the trip is $550.00, this includes the $50 dollar down payment. Payment plans are an option. To go on the trip you need to fill out a contract form which you can get from Gilbert. For more information or questions on the trip contact  Mark/Gilbert at (623-332-9473).



Photo by: Samantha Martinez

Gilbert answering a students question


Photo by: Samantha Martinez

Gilbert going over the information