Caleb Johnson, Digital Journalist

There has been a recent surge of allegations of sexual assault on many celebrities and directors. Twitter users have been using the hashtag #MeToo to shed light on this topic. It is important that we acknowledge both sides of the story and not be quick to jump to conclusions, because ultimately we were not there when it happened. With all the controversy going on many things have happened with actors like Danny¬†Masterson (widely known for his role as Hyde in “That 70’s Show) who was just fired from¬† his role in the Netflix series “The Ranch” after recently denying allegations against him. Where as Singer/Songwriter Melanie Martinez recently being accused by one of her former best friends of sexual assault, and a large majority of people have been trashing Melanie Martinez even when she made a statement saying she never did anything against her friends will. Where as even Melanie Martinez fans have been trashing her accuser because of her statements. In my opinion I am choosing not to take either side, as I will continue to be weary about all the things going on about a very serious topic.